dimanche 8 décembre 2013

Why Greek Yogurt Benefits Us In Cooking

I find that Greek yogurt is one of those foods that is vastly under rated, or under used in cooking. However, I think that once you have discovered the creamy, thick texture of it, and the many ways it can compliment your cooking, you will want to create more and more fabulous dishes using it.

You can buy Greek yogurt from most supermarkets, and it is very reasonably priced, but if like me you want to cook from scratch, then it is quite simple to produce your own. Simply purchase a plain, unflavoured yogurt, then strain it through a muslin cloth to remove the excess liquid. This will produce a richer, creamier consistency equivalent to that of the supermarket brands.

Now lets see how Greek yogurt benefits us in our cooking, as an example I have included a simple dip recipe for you to try.

Curry and mint dip- A very easy dish to prepare which can be made with regular yogurt, however the benefit of Greek yogurt is it will give it that extra creamy thickness and quality. There is no cooking required with this dip, simply add about 2 cups of yogurt with several teaspoons of curry powder. Then chuck in some freshly chopped mint to taste. Great with meats, vegetables or seafood.

Some of the benefits of using Greek yogurt-

When used in baking it really gives a glorious shine to your pastries and doughs.

You can use it in salads and other vegetarian dishes to really compliment the flavours. It particularly tastes exceptional with root vegetables such as baby beetroot.

As ingredients go for use with meats and poultry, Greek yogurt benefits the consistency of sauces for use with any of these. Try combining it with garlic for that extra zing.

Of course, where would we be without a delicious dessert. Try it with unlimited variations such as fresh fruit, jams and nuts, or just drizzle it in local honey....simply beautiful!
There are some fantastic ways to use Greek yogurt in your cooking to really add quality and texture to it. The great thing is that Greek yogurt benefits your digestive system too. This is due to the active cultures added during processing, and as it has about 50% more of these than regular yogurt, surely it is a no brainer. Switch to Greek today and see the benefits for yourself. Once you have tried it I promise you will not go back.

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